12 Months
12 Photographers
12 Art Photos

One photographer per month is invited to the Phoenicia Hotel to produce one Art Photo during a one-night stay.
An annual exhibition, displaying all 12 Art Photos, will be held at the end of the year. A judging panel will announce the winner for the year at the launch of the exhibition.
The Phoenicia Hotel is a place where anything can happen. It could be magical, romantic, creative, intriguing, inspiring, mysterious... Climbing the staircase, anyone is willing to give you a hand. The front desk treats you kindly. The lobby is a lively theatre of life. The lavish buffet, delights the famished. Your fanciful room creates a magical stay. The stranger who swims by your side may be a royal, a doctor, or simply anyone from all walks of life. The hotel seeks imagination to grace its doors.
Behold the 12 special hotel guests with a unique gift! With the click of their fingers, prepare to be enchanted.
The captured scene is transformed into art.